cry to me

Huw Good



I am a BA Hons Fine Art graduate, based in Bristol, with a fondness for typography.

I enjoy making art using discarded, kitsch charity shop finds. I would like to say my choice of medium is informed by a predilection for recycling, but the truth is I’m drawn to the intrinsic melancholy of such forsaken and undeniably moribund items.

My love for words and type manifests itself in emotionally overwrought statements touching on themes of love, loss, death, regret and innocence lost - I hope creating absurd comedy whilst dealing with moments of great struggle.

In that regard I feel a particular kinship with IDLES and the music they create, because I similarly believe they inject caustic wit and humour into their songs when approaching difficult subject matter.

For the piece I created for the song ‘Cry To Me’, I chose to coat the surface in diamond dust, tiny flakes of broken glass that reflect light. I thought the potential dangerousness, and conversely the fragility of the material matched up with the notions of masculinity the band had impressed upon me.

The dead seagull was a happy accident.