Danny Nedelko

Tao Lashley-Burnley

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Tao Lashley-Burnley

The first time I’d seen the band play, I was wearing a pair of old Dr. Martens and - due to the fact that I walk most of the time - they’re completely smooth on the sole. A combination of the first hop of a dance, a dance floor lake and some of the smoothest soles in the Ferret, I went 0 to horizontal faster than you can intro a song. As I became aware of my new orientation in the venue I was reassured by the words of Joe who simply shouted ‘Well Done’.

I spoke to Joe after the show about Bristol and about making art/music, I bought him a drink, he bought me a drink then I gave him my coat to wear for a while as I thought it would suit him.

The first time I heard ‘Danny Nedelko’ there were no verses on the track so I was focusing on Lee and Bowen playing and so to me it was like a moment of intense struggle building to a feeling of sheer happiness and joy; a collective joy and so there was also a huge feeling of pure love within a community, being loved and giving love back. I also thought ‘I can’t wait to sway to this and shout Danny Nedelko! live’. Obviously I then watched them perform it live and the lyrics give a shape to that sense of community I felt.

Danny is a friend of Joe’s from a band called Heavy Lungs and the blue and yellow represent the Ukrainian flag, which is where Danny is from. Asking Joe will give you more information about the use of bodybuilders (strength in community and diversity) and the phrase obviously also alludes to the strength and great feats diverse communities can achieve when they work together and embrace one another’s culture.