Ed Barrett



I've known Joe for longer than most and It has be a challenge, a privilege and a love. 

Being part of this exhibition has also been all three of those things.

The prevalence of visual culture within the bands work can't be ignored. From the early self directed videos to the recent collaborations with inspirational artists such as Will Hooper (Director, Colossus). The visual communication with the audience (even when there really wasn't much of one), has shown a consistent commitment to the importance of art as a collective and as a conversation. 

I've always seen Joe as an artist. I've seen it in his passion, in his rage, in his fears and in his sorrow. To me there was always an inevitability about something like this exhibition taking place and it is an indescribable honour to be sharing this platform with all the talented artists on show, but its a greater honour for me, as a friend, to be sharing it with Joe. Thank you brother. 

Joy as an Act of Resistance is to be whatever we want it to be and I was asked to do the same for this song. To take it away and make whatever it meant to me so here it is. 

GREAT: A monument to the momentous unknown. An ode to confident ignorance. A sham.