Never fight a man with a perm

by Robin Stewart

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robin stewart

When Joe approached me for the piece, he specifically asked me to make a collage. We had spoken together in the past about collaborating on a piece of art together, incorporating my use of collage with Joe's fervent artistic visions, so this project was a good opportunity to finally see something to fruition.

 I wanted the work to reflect the lyrics of the song ('Never Fight A Man With A Perm') - a febrile image of the man-as-fighter. Concrete & leather reduced to quarry and a cow. The worn skin of the strongman - an aggressive jester with all the charm of a grave.
To be asked to contribute to the artwork for the new record, in the midst of the ascent of the band when they could doubtlessly reach for artists in higher echelons than myself, was humbling and I am very grateful.