Tao Lashley-Burnley


Tao Lashley-Burnley

Everyone feels good when they make something that they can give to someone else, like when you make something at school and take it home to give to your parents, or the feeling when someone puts time and effort to make something for you. I love that feeling. I think that’s the feeling that the band want to give to everyone, throughout the music firstly and then the album artwork, the music videos and the exhibition; taking those topics and creating so many great things for people to enjoy and feel a part of. A community of help, appreciation and exchange.

I had to listen to Rottweiler a few times as I got too stuck into the song that I forgot to actually write down ideas. The drums and dissonance from the guitars was far too groovy to not just jig about to, but there was a sense Joe was talking about something rotten or not right. As it turns out he’s talking about the English press. It made me think of ‘Divide and Conquer’ off the first album in the way that Dev and Jon’s rhythm plays against Lee and Bowen’s guitars to make some deep guttural scuzzy filth which is wonderful. 

The use of newspapers is an obvious link to the theme of this song, and the decollage creates odd sentences from the headlines and juxtapositions with the images. These nonsensical sentences are a comical jab at the state of sensationalism in newspapers, the coercion of people’s actions by championing opinion over fact and, specific to the UK, their bias towards political parties or the promotion of negative views toward minorities. These headlines are made up in the way it seems the media comes up with stories that make no sense.